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Unleashing the Potential in Sigma Streaming Platform



Get your content and data from different streaming sources.


Converts original audio, video and image signals into suitable, compatible formats to play on different receivers.


Data encapsulation and encryption enables service providers to secure content through digital rights management.


Perform transport of manifest and segment files using ABR technologies, such as Apple HLS and MPEG, DASH.



Transcode Live

Convert the original audio, video and image signals into suitable, compatible formats that can be played on different receivers for live streaming content.


The audience can interact, participate, or influence the streaming experience in some way that encourage real-time exchanges, creating deeper connections and driving revenue opportunities.


A combination of manifest manipulation, ad server communication, and ad bitrate and resolution normalization, all of which happens on the server-side before presenting a manifest to clients.


Allows to receive and broadcast (distribute) multiple streams of live radio and television events.


What's included

Secure Video Hosting

Secure video hosting with an all-in-one streaming platform

Stream Live Events

Reliable, flawless live event streaming with top-tier CDNs.

VOD | OTT Platform

Integrate live video & VODS with our APIs with no difficulty.

Integrated Interactive TV

Boost your revenue by monetizing video with us.

Low Latency Streaming

Livestream with low latency, optimal experience.

24/7 Customer Support

Connect with our support starting when become our partner.


Why customers love us?

We’re inspired by our customers’s ideas and are fun to work with

Our video cloud platform is designed for unlimited scale

We have the broadest video technology stack: Real-time, Live, VOD

Our accessible products drive engagement and interactivity for all

We build everything on our video APIs, and many tech companies use them too

Our products are loved by customers and easy to use


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