Reduce file size, improve video quality

Our machine-learning powered cloud video API improves efficiency by compressing video files an average of 60% better without changing file format or losing quality. The scene-based optimization with Per-Title Encoding enhances the viewing experience, while reducing storage and delivery costs.

Per-Title Efficiency & Quality Analysis






Big Bug Bunny

1920x1080 10:34 MP4 H.264 30FPS




Per Title Segment Data


Default Segment Data




How it works


As demand for video grows, get an edge on the competition.

You probably already know that no two videos are the same. Furthermore, each video has a wide variety of scenes that would benefit from specific encoding settings to maximize visual quality, while keeping file sizes as small as possible. The limitations of encoding technology often require engineers to use the same encoding settings for each video, preventing the full realization of video quality and delivery performance potential. And with viewers across the world with limited access to internet bandwidth, the consequences of a fixed settings can deprive a large number of your users from the video experience we all deserve.

Achieve better results for your viewers

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Fast load times

Smaller video files load much faster and make playback possible with low bandwiths.

Better video quality

Get the highest video quality possible at low bitrates, with settings automatically tailored to your content.

Lower storage costs

As your content library grows, smaller files can lead to monumental savings on storage costs.

Lower CDN costs

Reduce the bandwidth your growing user-base consumes each month.

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